J.G. Petrucci Company, Inc. is a well-established real estate developer and property management firm in eastern Pennsylvania. When an opportunity arose to develop property in New England, outside of its regular business area, J.G. Petrucci contracted with RP Masiello to construct the facility based on RP Masiello’s ability to turn the project over to them quickly.

Featured Project

170,000 sq. ft. Secure Warehouse & Distribution Center

J.G. Petrucci engaged RP Masiello to develop a secure warehousing, distribution and office center at the former Fort Devens military base in Ayer, Massachusetts. The initial tenant for the facility was NAVL Boston Logistics, a branch of the Norfolk Southern Railway. RP Masiello led the design/build process that began with construction of 170,000 sq. ft. facility entailing high bay storage and heavy duty super flat floors. The facility includes a 20,000 cross-dock area with 47 bays for rapid logistics. The building was equipped with a high-density sprinkler system for fire protection.

Some years later, RP Masiello expanded the building to accommodate J.G. Petrucci’s second tenant, New England Sheets (NES), a collaborative of corrugated firms including the Kraft Group. NES required rail capacity, so RP Masiello built a loading dock (with heated floors) for up to six railroad box cars at once. We also contracted out and oversaw the construction of a new rail switch and quarter-mile rail spur to access the building.