With the Boston Red Sox Triple-A team “WooSox” coming to the neighborhood in a new stadium now under construction, “America’s Favorite Pie” company will re-locate its principle bakery to a new facility in South Worcester.

Featured Project

145,000 sq. ft. Baking Facility

Extending our long relationship with Chacharone Properties, RP Masiello is engaged as the design/build general contractor for the new Table Talk Pie bakery. The new facility will have up to four production lines, with automated processes for mixing, shaping, baking, cooling, flash-freezing and packaging the iconic desert-size pies. When fully operating, the building will process 30 million dessert size pies a year.

The building will be a steel frame structure clad in masonry and metal panels. The design includes office space, a loading dock, heavy-grade utilities, and an extensive corrosion-proof drainage system to handle the intensive cleaning regimen that maintains sanitary conditions for food preparation. This will be the third Table Talk project RP Masiello has supported for Chacharone Properties. Previously, we built a similar modern baking facility in Worcester for Table Talk’s 4-inch snack pie production. Also, in early 2019, RP Masiello was engaged by Chacharone Properties to oversee and advise on construction of a large cold storage facility for the pies, which was being built by a contractor from Indiana that specializes in sub-zero cold storage facilities.