With its iconic red and white pie boxes flying off supermarket shelves across the country, Worcester based Table Talk Pies is now run by the third generation of the founding family and rightly calls itself the maker of “America’s Favorite Pie.”

Featured Project

52,000 sq. ft. Baking Facility

To meet an aggressive schedule for construction of a high-tech industrial scale baking center, RP Masiello, Inc. was engaged by the site developer Chacharone Properties to design and build the project. The facility has two production lines, with automated processes for mixing, shaping, baking, cooling, flash-freezing and packaging. It’s capable of making 120 million four-inch pies a year.

The building is laced with an extensive corrosion-proof drainage system to handle the intensive cleaning regimen that maintains sanitary conditions for food preparation. To accommodate the new building footprint, we had to oversee the decommissioning of a city street, relocating the utilities, water and sewer systems. The new building is located in the South Worcester Industrial Park, on the former site of Standard Foundry, which was once a major employer for the region but had been vacant for years. Building the Table Talk Pies facility on time and on budget helped the company grow, create new jobs and revitalize a hard-hit area of the city.

To support their baking operation, Table Talk began construction of a large cold-storage facility in Worcester in early 2019. RP Masiello was engaged by Chacharone Properties to oversee and advise on the project, which is being built by a contractor from Indiana that specializes in sub-zero cold storage facilities.