Fitchburg Welding:
Machining & Fabrication
Role: Design/Build
Client: Fitchburg Welding
Location: Westminster, MA

Tracing its roots to 1934, Fitchburg Welding is a high precision, high quality fabrication and machining shop serving industrial clients including General Electric, Westinghouse and many others. Perhaps its highest profile project is the 120-foot tall steel baseball bat at Yankee Stadium, which is actually the exhaust stack for the stadium’s power plant.

Featured Project

Four Building Expansions

Since 1984, RP Masiello Inc. has partnered with Fitchburg Welding on a series of major building expansions and renovation projects. Our close working relationship with the company leadership has provided the built environment they need for growth and the integration of new technologies that enhance their capabilities.

These projects have included extensive concrete and infrastructure work to support 20 and 30 ton bridge cranes and heavy electrical service for the company’s array of large-scale advanced CNC machines. We have also designed and built new employee bath/locker rooms, cafeteria and corporate office facilities. In each case, we have completed these projects on time and within budget.